Hello, my name is Arthur and I’m an Astronomer! I got my PhD from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in September 2016 and am currently a pseudo postdoc at the same institution. I say I’m a pseudo postdoc because I don’t actually work at UW any more; instead I travel the country in a sweet van, taking in the American Spirit and doing science from coffee shops and libraries across this great country.

Here in the Eigenspace you’ll find mostly travel logs from the various places I have been on my trip. My plan is to post a new update for every new place I go, but that might fluctuate as is needed. In addition to travel logs you will find some more focused content on topics that can be accessed via the links at the top of every page.

If you’ve got something to say I probably have the time to listen. You can reach me via email at my Gmail account; the username is aeigenbrot.

Thanks for joining me!